Saturday, July 20, 2013

"The Daily Bleed" 20 July, 2013

We have it here

growing in our hearts, as

your comrade said, and when

we give it up with our last

breaths someone will gasp

it home to their lives.

— Philip Levine

Daily Bleed in full (it helps if you have
a 70-mile wide bandwidth connection for
downloading... or some place to go for awhile).

Korean Neo-Dadaist video artist, Fluxus member.

For the bandwidth impaired, excerpts:

July 20

1549 -- England: Kett's Rebellion against enclosures begins with
the insurgents' refusal to disperse; the 3500 strong peoples' army
captures Norwich, landowners are tried at mass courts & a
Commonwealth is established on Mousehold Heath. After the
uprising, which will involve 16,000 at its peak, Kett refuses
the King's pardon, arguing:

"Kings are wont to pardon wicked persons, not innocent men.

We have done nothing to deserve such a pardon.

We have been guilty of no crime".

1801 -- A 1,235 pound cheese ball... [& you know who you are]

1917 -- US: IWW Class War Picnic in Seattle, Washington.
Yum-Yum-Yummy. Eat the Rich!

1925 -- Algerian psychiatrist & revolutionist Frantz Fanon lives.

1929 -- Moorish Orthodox leader Noble Drew Ali dies

This bud opens into the red rose,
the nightingale is drunk for joy —
Hail, seekers! Lovers of wine;
wine for a thirsty world
like a slug under
the rock of repentance...

1936 -- Francisco Ascaso is killed
during the effort to defeat the Fascist
military takeover of Spain.

For two there are floral
displays, but Ascaso faces
eternity with only a stone.
Maybe as it should be. He was
a stone, a stone & a blade,
the first grinding & sharpening
the other.

— Philip Levine, "Francisco, I'll Bring You Red Carnations,"
from 7 Years from Somewhere

1948 -- US indicts 12 Communist Party leaders, charging
them with advocating overthrow of government.

1968 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader LBJ assures South
Vietnamese President Thieu the US will pursue Vietnam War at
present pace.


"Some of the finer selling points were
explained to me by a pilot in 1966:

'We sure are pleased with
those backroom boys at Dow.
The original product wasn't so hot
— if the gooks were quick they could scrape
it off. So the boys started adding polystyrene
— now it sticks like shit to a blanket.
But then if the gooks jumped under
water it stopped burning, so they started
adding Willie Peter [WP -- white
phosphorous] so's to make it burn better.
It'll even burn under water now. & just
one drop is enough, it'll keep
burning right down to the bone so they die
anyway from phosphorous poisoning.'"

— Philip Jones Griffiths, photographer,
Vietnam Inc.

"Now it sticks like shit to a blanket..."

1971 -- Gone postal....
First labor contract in the history of the federal government signed
by postal unions & the Postal Service through the collective
bargaining process.

"I mock thee not, though I by thee am mock├ęd.
Thou call'st me madman, but I call thee blockhead"

— William Blake

1979 -- Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier
escapes Lompoc federal penitentiary, California.

1996 -- Albert Meltzer's (1920-1996) ashes
scattered in the CNT section of Montjuich cemetery in
Barcelona. Co-founder of the Anarchist Black Cross & helped
found the Kate Sharpley Library, Albert was a former used
bookseller, author, etc.

2001 -- Italy: Black Block anarchist demo, part of the numerous
attempts to breach the red zone in at the G8 Summit in Genoa.

"Every time you build a prison, you close a school."

— Victor Hugo


(You know what country has the largest prison population;
& you know the ratio of money America budgets for prisons
compared to educashun, right?)

— antiCopyRite 3000 & then some.

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