Friday, July 05, 2013

George Kenney interviews Ambassador Henry Hogger @ Electric Politics

Dear Michael,
Henry Hogger was the British Ambassador to Damascus from 2000 to 2003. I first interviewed Henry about a year ago, after having noticed his reasonable comments quoted in the British press. Here, we catch up on the situation in Syria and the relative positions of outside powers. It's a short interview but to the point -- I believe Henry's got an extremely sophisticated understanding of things and excellent judgment. If only there were a few Americans like him…

I will, btw, try to follow this one up in a few weeks with another show on Syria and possibly one on Egypt as well.

Also, I apologize for the EP site having been half-down much of this week. The reason being we migrated from a shared hosting environment to a Virtual Private Server, staying with BlueHost, which makes over seven years with BlueHost at this point. Trust me, the migration was a very big deal! Things now seem to be mostly sorted out (but one of my favorite stats packages, for example, that runs in the background, keeps insisting it's on Greenland time -- after about four hours on the phone with level III technical support we still can't figure out how to fix the stubborn reports); when I arrange for further upgrades, and some software revisions are still necessary, I'll carefully plan it such that further down time is minimized or nonexistent. Thanks very much for your patience!

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