Tuesday, July 09, 2013

For the record ...

This will be all I have to write for public distribution, at this time, about this Friday’s Shawnee district court hearing before Judge Theis on my sweetheart’s Kansas physician license being re-instated.

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Hon. Judge Theis will not be formally considering the letter from Dr. Michael First refuting Dr. Liza Gold’s testimony against his medically accredited computer software used by Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus.  Dr. Neuhaus could not afford an expert witness, only a teaching doctor and friend stepped into the witness box in her defense, but the taxpayer funded Kansas Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) paid Dr. Gold over $70,000 and an additional $20,000 in travel expenses from Georgetown University to discredit Dr. Neuhaus.  To read Dr. Michael First’s incredible letter:

The world’s foremost expert on DSM VI-TR responds to Dr. Gold’s misrepresentations of Dr. Neuhaus’ use of DTREE
  • Dr. Michael First – DTREE expert – letter Dr. First is arguably the world’s foremost expert on the DSM and the computer program, DTREE which is based on it. The letter clearly explains the critical misinformation or misrepresentations in Dr. Gold’s testimony, which were accepted at face value by Hon. Mr. Gaschler in his opinion.

Hon. Judge Theis may or may not be aware that four, nearly 50% of the practicing medical doctors on KSBHA recused themselves from voting in the matter of revoking Dr. Neuhaus’ Kansas license to practice medicine in Kansas.  

That’s roughly what a Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) member sent from her Facebook page to a friend attending a “pro-life” meeting in affluent Johnson County, Kansas last 2010.

She refused to recuse herself from voting in the matter.  She was appointed by Gov. Sam Brownback, is not a trained accredited medical professional and a devoted wealthy activist for the Kansas Republican Party.

Another member of KSBHA, a Wichita lawyer, who voted to revoke Dr. Neuhaus’ medical license operates an adoption for hire business and legally defends “pro-life” protesters. He too voted for revocation of Dr. Neuhaus license.

Another member of KSBHA, chairing the Political Science Department at the Atchison Benedictine University, where this last May Rep. Paul Ryan delivered the commencement speech, voted to revoke Dr. Neuhaus license.  He too is a Brownback political appointee.

These and other KSBHA members are merely, “affluent people (sic) looking to secure a seat of power.”

These KSBHA members are not public servants, display any interest in maintaining, preserving and ensuring all the people of Kansas have safe, legal and excellent health care.  They have never attended to the private and personal health problems in standing room only waiting rooms in the poorest of places in Kansas.  Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus has for decades treated and cured tens of thousands of people in places, including prisons, where these people loathe to go, or even discuss in their “polite” circles.

We are not “losers” (as other critics say) and Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhuas has never practiced medical “quackery” as a convicted clinic bomb conspirator who filed the original complaint to the KSBHA against Dr. Neuhaus was quoted in the most recent Associated Press article that nationally smeared Dr. Neuhaus. The article, like most all of Kansas news media has omitted the above facts I have listed.

Like it or not, no matter Dr. Liza Gold, certain members of KSBHA, many “conservative” registered voters in Kansas, and nearly all “pro-life” Kansans do not understand this one undeniable fact; that abortion is an immediate cure preventing suicide.  

Signed as a Native Kansan,
Michael D. Caddell

I read with extreme interest Andrea Grimes’ latest at RH Reality Check, “A Pro-Choice Texan’s Dispatch From the National Right to Life Convention” 01 July 2013.

She wrote:

“Throughout the convention, I expected to feel rage or anger. I expected to steam, to struggle to hold my tongue. Instead, I felt sadness and, to a small degree, pity. Maybe I was hanging out at the wrong seminars, but the people sitting in those dimly lit brown rooms weren’t rage-inducing. They were versions of my grandparents. They were people whose faith—however misguided in my eyes, and however predicated on a fear of autonomous female sexuality—had been co-opted by affluent men looking to secure a seat of power. [End of Excerpt]”

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