Saturday, July 13, 2013

Consortium News, 13 July 2013

Fund Drive Off to Slow Start

July 13, 2013
From Editor Robert Parry: Our summer fund drive at Consortiumnews is off to a slow start. We’re less than ten percent of the way toward our goal of $25,000. If you can, please help.
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Ignoring the GOP’s White Racism

July 12, 2013
Ignoring the GOP’s White Racism
Exclusive: Conservative columnist David Brooks can’t understand why right-wing Republicans are so determined to kill immigration reform, especially since the Senate-approved bill would boost the economy and cut the deficit. But Brooks ignores what might be called the white elephant in the room, Robert Parry reports.

PRISM’s Controversial Forerunner

July 11, 2013
PRISM’s Controversial Forerunner
Using a powerful computer program known as PRISM, the U.S. government has been downloading vast amounts of communications data and mining it for counterterrorism purposes. But these capabilities began more than three decades ago with the controversial PROMIS software, Richard L. Fricker reports.

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