Friday, April 26, 2013

Mike Sherry & Mike Shields: "Governor Urges Lawmakers to Back Off Higher Ed. Cuts" @ Kansas Health Institute

Is he blowing the fascist dog whistle? Hold on, legislators!
- Representative Jim Ward -
"It's time for the Kansas legislature to take a balanced and responsible approach to fixing the disaster caused by the ill thought out Brownback tax cuts for the rich. It is a false choice to say we have to raise $300 million of taxes on hard working taxpayers or slash essential programs like KU Medical Center in Wichita.

[Excerpt from the K.H.I. latest below.]

"... Brownback acknowledged that many legislators were elected in November 2012 on platforms opposing extension of the sales tax.

But the governor argued that opponents should not construe a sales tax extension as more government spending, but rather as dollars dedicated to a core mission of the state.

It’s great that lawmakers liked his tax cuts last year, he said, but now it’s time to address the other side of the equation.

'I’m saying you’ve got to come back in and do the pay-fors,' he said."

Read the names, dates and dollars along with the blather of policy messages at: Kansas Health Institute.

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