Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Subsidized" Corruption Among Useful Eaters?

Source: Kansas Legislative Research Department.

Sen. Pat Roberts announces his support for a plan to cut the food supplement program $36 billion over the next ten years. To read the McClatchy story by Lindsay Wise at the Wichita Eagle, click here

Is he following King Charles Koch's mandate to close down government "subsidies" as reported in a series of pre-November election "human interest" articles in the same paper?

Let's follow the money to find "subsidies" provided by King Charles Koch and all his relatives to just Kansas politicians, click here.

How about following the "subsidies" two other major families in Kansas get? 

EWG Farm Subsidy Database

Subsidy Recipients "Brownback" in Kansas Click:

Tea Party Meme Congressman Tim Huelskamp, his brother and father all collect corporate welfare. Click link provided below:

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