Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meet grassroots "under the radar" hell raiser Frank Smith on RFK's "Saturday High Noon"!

The barbarians in Kansas, and there are not a few, have had many headaches courtesy citizen, investigator and general Hell raiser Frank Smith from a remote village in western Kansas.

His main work for the last 17 years has been traveling across the country exposing the private for profit corporate prison industries.

Listen to one of the most fascinating and candid conversations I've had about money and politics in Kansas since starting Radio Free Kansas.

Then listen to Dr. Kenneth Dowst's latest New World Notes #265 "Casualties of War."

From the program summary:

" ... A look at some seldom-acknowledged victims of the US's current wars. Hundreds of children killed by drone strikes ordered by President Obama. (We name 25 of the children.) Thousands of U.S. service members, male and female, raped each year by other U.S. service members. One soldier suicide per day and one veteran suicide per hour. Why is this happening? Features articles by DAVE LINDORFF, ALYSSA ROHRICHT, and the NY Times; commentary in song by DAVID ROVICS and ROY ZIMMERMAN; and remarks by me. ... "

Thank you for listening!

Here is a program specific link to today's show.

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