Monday, December 03, 2012

Details in Wichita Thanksgiving Day Holiday "Old Town" Tear Gas Attack Reveal Extortion & Racketeering Allegations

Has a Wichita Police "protection racket" exposed itself with the Thanksgiving Holiday tear gas attack on over a thousand people milling about after hours at the entertainment district "Old Town"?

Occupy 316 has described it as a "Terrorist Attack" and provided a background brief for the reading public.

... In that time frame, it is normal for as many as 2,000 people to fill the street. Most people move slowly in the direction of their cars, often stopping to talk with friends, or determine who is driving whom, since most of the club-goers are inebriated by the end of the night.

People have been trampled, and one young man was even tied to a horse, by a police officer, and then dragged through the street. This does not happen outside any of the other clubs in the area, or anywhere else in town, for that matter.

Fights that happen outside other clubs in the area are generally ignored by police, who may break up the fight, but make no arrests. Loiterers are not harassed outside the other clubs in the area. But the people who leave Doc Howard’s just before 2 am are herded like cattle, down the road, and forced into their cars, in the name of clearing the area to maintain public safety. Again, this does not happen outside any of the other clubs. ...

Read more at Occupy 316 for more startling facts surrounding this case, including how  a group from the Wichita police off-duty roster list that provides approved cops for private security work nearly doubled their rates.

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