Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Holiday Twitter Tornado for the "Dear Leaders" in Kansas

Read this astounding analysis of statistics about deep poverty in Kansas by Kari Ann Rinker, Wichita, Ks at RH Reality Check and what The Tea Party in the Topeka statehouse has in store for us when they convene and start writing laws, again.


... I ate this meal with the realization that childhood poverty has increased by 50 percent since the year 2005 within my community. I ate this meal knowing that since 2010, 74 percent of the children living in the same school district as my three daughters qualified for free or reduced price school lunches. My Caucasian family unit sat around a large table, each one of us healthy and insured, while 25 percent of African Americans and 10 percent of their white counterparts living in my county do not have access to healthcare. So while I may have dined in a place called Wichita, I also recognize that I dined in a place called privilege. ...

Read the complete article at RH Reality Check, a web site smart Kansans should support.

After reading this fact based analysis about what is happening to Kansas kids we should consider who are the main supporters and benefactors of the Dear Leaders of Brownbackistan, a land we once called Kansas.  Below the "safe for work" latest from comedian Lee Camp.

Please forward to all your conservative relatives before the Christmas holiday starts. Tell them it won't fit under their tree.

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