Monday, October 22, 2012

Robert Parry's New Book - Out Now!

America's Stolen Narrative
From Washington and Madison, to Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, to Barack Obama

by Robert Parry

$24.95 (paperback)

America's Stolen Narrative takes you on a journey from America's founding and the plotting of George Washington and James Madison to Richard Nixon's sabotage of Lyndon Johnson's Vietnam peace talks, on to the Watergate scandal (showing how those two dark chapters were really one continuous storyline).

The book then explores the political deceptions that surrounded the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and the two George Bushes and explains how that false history entrapped Barack Obama.

You can purchase America's Stolen Narrative for $24.95 or for just 5 cents more you can add one of our classics: Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush or Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq. 

Click here to order.

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