Monday, October 15, 2012

Amanda Marcotte: "LifeNews Goes Ballistic, Delusional Over Study Linking Birth Control to Lower Abortion Rates" @ RH Reality Check

Listen to Amanda Marcotte at "This Way Out Tuesday" on late night Radio Free Kansas.

If anti-choice activists were really against abortion rights because of “life” and not because they desperately want to control and punish female sexuality, there is one thing the would never, ever do. One, simple thing. And that very simple thing is this: They would not make complete fools of themselves trying to find every reason, no matter how tenuous or seemingly fabricated, to deny a study that demonstrates that women who have free, accessible birth control have lower abortion rates. Simply admitting what is clearly obvious—that women who prevent unintended pregnancy have fewer abortions—would be an easy way to prop up the illusion that the movement to ban abortion is about “life.”

Read more at RH Reality Check.

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