Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mark Karlin: "Greg Palast on How the GOP is planning on stealing the 2012 election" @ Truthout

Mark Karlin: Why do you think there isn't more public outrage about the GOP attempting to crush democracy?

Greg Palast: Because Democrats are in on it, too, and that's the sick, sad truth. In New Mexico, a solid Democratic state where Latinos are half the citizenry, Bush carried the state and the GOP has the governor's mansion. Why?

Because the Hispanic Democratic elite of that state don't want no poor folk voting - or jackasses like Bill Richardson would never win a primary. When I called the secretary of state, Becky Vigil-Giron, to ask why, in one poor Hispanic precinct, there was not a single vote for president recorded, she told me that, "Those people can't make up their minds."

"Those people." I'm glad to say she's on her way to prison. But she's a Democrat.

So, Republicans and Democrats steal votes from the same people: the poor and voters of color.

But on a strict numerical scale, 90 percent of the victims are Democrats, though they are victimized by both parties.

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Mark Karlin: I've known you since you single-handedly exposed the caging strategy of Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris and a company then called ChoicePoint. Without that voter suppression in 2000, Gore would have won the popular vote in Florida as he did nationally. Yet, the mass media ignored your findings of a stolen election. Has anything changed? The mass corporate media still seems uninterested, or clueless - or both - when it comes to ratcheting down voting rights.

Greg Palast: Yeah, it's changed. For the worse.
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