Friday, September 21, 2012

Chuck Thompson on Radio Free Kansas, "Saturday High Noon" 22 September 2012

To Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s Chief Counsel Caleb Stegall:

I strongly encourage you, as head of Gov. Brownback’s staff,  to appoint  travel writer, outdoorsman and self-professed “disgruntled liberal” from the Great Northwest Chuck Thompson as the new Kansas Secretary of Labor.  

The news that you “asked” fellow Republican and recent hireling Secretary of Labor Karin Brownlee to leave with no comment has led to an annoying speculative cacophony among the statehouse media magpies. Brownlee, a former state senator, has complied, issuing no comment, thereby adding to the hype of your employer’s many critics.

This adverse publicity of Brownlee’s departure, added to the recent hearings held by Secretary of State Kris Kobach deliberating the omission of federal President Obama from the coming November election ballots must be addressed to all Kansans.

Gov. Brownback’s  immediate appointment of the world-famous travel writer Chuck Thompson as Secretary of Labor could remove what little tarnish exists on the golden emblem of the glorious Kansas Cornfield Revolution.

Why Chuck Thompson would make a great Kansas Secretary of Labor:

Chuck Thompson’s communication skills are solid; as former Feature Editor at Maxim magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Travelocity magazine and current Editorial Director Thompson will deliver to the governor candid results on deadline.

Chuck Thompson has traveled worldwide and lived in the business friendly locations of Hong Kong, Japan and Dallas. He could bring world-class corporate operations to Kansas, as Gov. Brownback has made priority of with recent business tax reform legislation.

Chuck Thompson has shot bears and wolves most recently last August at Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Chuck Thompson is friendly with conservative comedian Dennis Miller and appeared on Miller’s radio show twice.

Chuck Thompson new book, “Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession” could serve as a philosophical and practical guide to all Kansans of this great state and complement Gov. Brownback’s victorious 2010  “Road Map to Victory” campaign strategy.

Chuck Thompson, as Kansas Secretary of Labor, could remove Kansas from the whipping post  as national laughing stock becoming instead the “Buckle of the Bible Belt” forever.

You can listen to Chuck Thompson tomorrow, Saturday 22 Sept. 2012 beginning at High Noon (Central, US) at Radio Free Kansas. He will be in Kansas City this Tuesday 25, Sept. 2012.

Michael Caddell, publisher
Fightin’ Cock Flyer
North Jefferson County, Kansas

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