Thursday, August 09, 2012

Media Matters for America

 Wall Street Journal: Dismissing Environmental Threats Since 1976
Once upon a time, the 1970s were supposed to be the decade of the environment, but not for the Wall Street Journal. (Nor were the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, or 2010s thus far either).  A special Media Mattersanalysis of WSJ editorials from 1976 to the present demonstrates the WSJ editorial board recycling the same three excuses to dismiss environmental problems like acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer, and climate change. Read the full study here:

Rush Limbaugh Wants You To Forget How Bad The Bush Economy Was

Do you remember when America lost 2 million jobs during the final three months of 2008? Or do you recall the economy shrinking by 8.9% during the same period? Die-hard Bush defender Rush Limbaugh would prefer you not remember these sorts of things. Get the facts (not the redacted Limbaugh version) here:

How Ohio's Early Voting Debate Went Awry

In 2004, voting in Ohio was a disaster: due to weather, too few machines, and too few polling places, tens of thousands of people were unable to vote. In 2008, the state pushed early voting for everyone to alleviate the problem. This year, the right-wing pushed to restrict early voting except for members of the military. The Obama campaign filed a lawsuit to keep early voting open to everyone. Conservatives somehow presented this as an attack on the military  - even though the military's ability to vote early was never questioned by anyone.  The full research report on this chicanery is here:

Non-Birther Sean Hannity Is Just Birther-Curious

Sean Hannity swears up and down that he's not a birther. But Hannity has promoted no less than ten different birther segments on his prime-time Fox show. And Hannity did it again! This time he hosted a hosting a Las Vegas oddsmaker who is "betting" that Obama is not a citizen. Sean Hannity reacted to this claim by challenging Obama to disprove it. Watch the video and learn about Hannity's other curiousities here: 

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