Thursday, August 16, 2012

Irin Carmon: "Kansas Gets Even Crazier" @ Salon

Operation Rescue Leader Troy Newman's terror manual.
August 7th, Kansas G.O.P.'s "Night of the Long Knives" 

Aug. 7 was a very good night for people who want to drive safe abortion out of Kansas. Republican primary voters ousted relative moderates from the state Senate, laying the groundwork for Gov. Sam Brownback to push through his right-wing agenda, both economic and social.

The former got more attention. The election was evidence of “America’s grass-roots voter rebellion,” in the words of the Wall Street Journal opinion page, or it was, in the words of one ousted state senator, an example of Kansas-based Koch Industries, which threw a lot of money at the race, being “just a terrible, terrible citizen as far as I’m concerned.”

But it was also about abortion, in a state that is arguably more obsessed with it than any other. And abortion foes want proper credit....

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