Saturday, August 25, 2012

George Kenney: "Podcast Interview: Climate Change Wars" @ Electric Politics

Dear Michael,

The other day I was over to my local bookstore, Politics & Prose, for a book talk by a friend. Afterward I got into a conversation with a fellow who spent several minutes trying to assure me that Jim Hansen's latest essay on climate change was full of statistical holes. Eventually I disengaged but he left my mind reeling: How is it that people who are ostensibly on the left, or for "reform," can be so stupid? Republicans, I understand. They're anti climate science either for the money or because they're authentically delusional. But intelligent, educated people who are not Republicans? Perhaps the implications are all too scary for them, I don't know…

Thus, Dr. Michael E. Mann has done a tremendous service, both with his climate research and with his latest book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From the Front Lines (Columbia, 2012), where in the latter he describes in detail his battles with the anti-science faction. This conversation is about those human dramas. I assume by now that we've heard enough on climate science to understand that anthropogenic global warming is real. The question, though, remains: will we be able to get our act together politically in time, in time, perhaps, to survive??

Total runtime forty seven minutes. As always, thanks for listening!



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