Monday, August 20, 2012

Burdett Loomis: "Ryan, Brownback Similar Different" @ The Wichita Eagle Ed/Op

... Both Ryan and Brownback have demonstrated deep political ambition from their high school days, and for all their belief in the private sector, they have almost never been off the governmental payroll.

Even before college, Ryan committed to the Ayn Rand philosophy of pure, hard-edged capitalism. This commitment remains the bedrock of his belief in low taxes and immense cuts to public-sector spending. Like Romney’s tax plan, Ryan’s budget places onerous costs on the middle class and the poor for non-defense discretionary spending and health care while cutting taxes for the richest Americans.

Early in his career, according to many of his law school and partisan contemporaries, Brownback was quite the opposite of Ryan: an ambitious politico without much explicit ideology, more or less a Bob Dole Republican.

Brownback developed his ideology through a growing religious conservatism, which became the hallmark of his 14-year Senate career. While Ryan’s political ambition propelled him through the ranks of GOP House members, Brownback’s ambitions brought him back to Kansas with a new emphasis on economic issues. ...
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