Monday, August 27, 2012

Andy Marso: "Transcripts: KOMA concerns raised before dinners" @ Topeka Capital Journal

... Brownback hosted Republican members of 13 committees at seven dinners, occasionally bringing together two or three committees with related policy missions.

Shallenburger told prosecutors that format did raise KOMA questions for him — questions that he initially took to Stegall. The two of them then went to Susan Kannarr, the House's chief clerk, to get her opinion on whether committees fall under KOMA.

"I think she checked and said yes, yes, they are so you can't — they can't discuss committee action," Shallenburger said, according to his transcript. "We didn't think that was a problem. She went on to say, you know, lobbyists take whole committees out all the time." ...

Read more at the Topeka Capital Journal.

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