Thursday, July 26, 2012

Uncle Academic's List of Tributes to Alexander Cockburn

Here are several tributes -- some qualified -- to Alexander Cockburn (who died on July 20, in Germany, where he was undergoing treatment for cancer):

by Hendrik Herzberg
at The New Yorker

by Michael Tomasky
at The Daily Beast
by Harald Meyerson at The American Prospect
by Jack Shafer at Reuters
by James Fallows at The Atlantic

by James Hodgson
at The Guardian, UK
at The Nation

by John Nichols

Tribute to Alexander Cockburn
-- several comments, and links to more extensive remembrances
at CounterPunch
by Jeffrey St. Clair
by James Ridgeway
by Robert Pollin

by David Price

by Fred Gardner

by Silvia Plachy
-- a photo essay: Cockburn at The Village Voice in the 70s

Remembering James Cockburn
, by readers of CounterPunch
8+ additional obits and remembrances on this Google search page (NYTimes, WP, LATimes among them

And there are some convenient lists of columns by Cockburn at various places

The Week
(UK Edition)

The Nation

and especially "The Best of Beat the Devil"

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