Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Too Much Online, Free Newsweekly, 02 July, 2012

In July 1776, only about 2.5 million souls lived within the confines of the newly independent 13 American colonies, about the population of today’s Denver area. 

But a great deal more than population size, of course, separates all of us from the generation of 1776 we fete this week. We live, for instance, in one of the world’s most unequal nations. They didn’t.
This week in Too Much we explore the egalitarian back story to the original red, white, and blue. Our contemporary fans of grand fortune always do their best to blur this story. The rest of us can’t afford to let them. 

So this Fourth of July holiday week, why not share this issue of Too Much with a friend who could use a little hidden history. Too Much, by the way, will be going on a little holiday break the next two weeks. We’ll be returning later this month. In the mewantime, keep cool — and stay committed! ... 

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