Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Robert Parry: "Romney's 'Fact-Checker' Cover-up" @ Consortium News.


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Big Shot 'Fact Checkers' Apply Here.
The third in a series of bombshell articles exposing those in the most powerful news media outlets of the country who are shielding G.O.P. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and how they are doing it.

Exclusive: The “independent fact-checkers,” who have been shielding Mitt Romney from questions about Bain Capital’s off-shoring jobs and closing factories, are growing more isolated as the New York Times and other news outlets call for Romney to disclose more, reports Robert Parry.

[Excerpt] " ... To state the obvious, it seems like a contradiction in purpose for “independent fact-checkers” to allow themselves to become accomplices in a politician stonewalling the disclosure of facts that bear directly on his qualifications and integrity. At minimum, it would seem that Kessler and FactCheck.org should suspend their denunciations of the Obama campaign until Romney and Bain clear up the many discrepancies.

On Monday, the New York Times tallied 142 times when Romney’s name appears on Bain’s securities regulation forms during the three-year period, many listing him as owner, chairman, chief executive officer and the controlling person. Talking Points Memo cited one such form that listed Romney’s “principal occupation” as “managing director” of Bain Capital Investors VI Inc., a private equity fund. ... "

Read the complete article at Consortium News, especially of the email exchange between Parry and Washington Post's Glen Kessler, just one of the "independent fact checkers" Mr. Parry cites.  Support Consortium News with a donation during their Summer fundraiser and set the record straight in campaign 2012.

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