Sunday, July 15, 2012

Robert Parry: "The Romney 'Fact Checking' Scandal" @ Consortium News

Robert Parry is exposing the sickness as it gets bigger and bigger around the DC Beltway. The scandal deepens as Romney splits hairs on air about his fortunes and the news media "independent fact checkers" keep combing his hair back in place like a bunch a booze soaked beauticians.  Parry names the names of those fawning for the Great Tin Man as he cons his way to the White House.
The Tin Man gets a hair cut at Consortium News.

" ... While devising endless excuses for Romney and his Harvard Business School buddies, these same “independent fact-checkers” heap scorn on the African-American president and his campaign for daring to raise these impertinent questions about the much-admired Romney.

Annenberg’s mocked a six-page letter from Obama’s campaign with the flippant response, “your complaint is all wet.” In giving Obama “three Pinocchios” for pointing out the discrepancies in Romney’s Bain story, Kessler said he spared Obama a fourth Pinocchio (a total “whopper”) with the grudging admission that “there is grey area” regarding Romney’s last few years at Bain Capital.

In a larger sense, however, this issue of exactly when Romney left Bain is a ruse, a diversionary line of defense that Romney has been building since he ran for Massachusetts governor in 2002. The reason for this ever-expanding moat is that it lets Romney deny responsibility for Bain-related plant closings and off-shoring of jobs that occurred from 1999 to 2002

But the key question is not when Romney left but who set in motion the strategies that led to the plant closings and the job off-shoring. It was Romney who pulled the trigger on investments in companies whose business model involved facilitating these actions for other companies. ... " 

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