Thursday, July 12, 2012

Robert Parry: "Mitt Romney: The New Teflon Man" @ Consortium News

Killer Conservative Clown, Gaining Support From Angry Old White Kansans

Over 80 counties of 105 in Kansas have been declared drought disasters, requiring thousands of heavily subsidized corn farmers to file crop insurance claims and apply for federal disaster loans.  Most of these livestock feed growers hate the federal government, especially who they openly call "that nigger socialist in the White House."  Their darling Dear Leader Gov. Brownback is AWOL, sucking up with airplane executives in Great Britain. Lt. Gov. Colyer, a plastic surgeon, testified before a meaningless congressional committee in Washington DC to denounce the Affordable Care Act, since as a specialist he's going to lose money with it.  He returns home and vomits forth a press release  extolling the virtues of K. U. medical center becoming a major cancer treatment - research center, which he neglects to mention is a largely federal sponsored "job creator."  Both Kansas leaders tell their followers to vote for this mannequin of the millionaires to defeat Obama.   And most, like rusting Republican robots will do so. How many will have the brains and guts to follow this article below?  

Exclusive: Mitt Romney is fast becoming the new Teflon man. Whenever he faces criticism for his past business practices, “independent fact-checkers” rush to his rescue and insist that he’s been wronged, regardless of what the evidence actually is, Robert Parry notes.

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