Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Man in Germany Reports! Ancient Resource Wars & Dark Times

Ancient stone pipe made strong woodpeckers.
Greetings from Stuttgart.

Ernie's old army buddy Edd D****  passed this link along today.  I'm sending it your way, though some  probably already know about it.

'Mantle' Site, Ancient 'New York City' Of Canada, Found On Lake Ontario Shore

I hope someone starts making reproductions of the woodpecker pipe.  It would be worth alternating with the
big toe from Cahokia.  Participants could become the bird, and play shaman on the World Tree.  Meanwhile the toe retains the ecological virtue of keeping one firmly in contact with dirt [as in Dirt! The Movie].

One point of interest is that a couple of objects recovered there confirm Mark Kurlansky's thesis in
Cod:  A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World  [more here] that the Basques were the first Europeans so far known to have visited the North American continent.
The objects also attest to a trade network extending from the Ontario site to the maritime provinces via the St. Lawrence Seaway, including several tribes that were at least by historical times mutual enemies.

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