Friday, July 06, 2012

Jason Leopold: "ALEC Accused of Violating Its Tax-Exempt Status; Will the IRS Take Action?" @ Truthout

A Koch-funded Kansas lawmaker reading Leopold's latest.
Jason Leopold, a former guest on Radio Free Kansas, who operates from The Public Record is also the lead investigative reporter at the popular site Truthout he has just dropped a Fourth of July independent journalistic bombshell with this exclusive article.  

Will the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) launch an investigation into the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the corporate-backed "nonpartisan" "stealth business lobbyist" group that has been accused of flouting civil and criminal tax laws?

That's the obvious question to ask after a prominent Washington, DC-based tax attorney, acting at the behest of one of his clients, sent the IRS a 30-page complaint two weeks ago, following a months-long exhaustive study of ALEC's tax filings, expenditures and public reports about its political activities. The study contained dozens of new examples of how ALEC, whose board is made up entirely of Republican lawmakers, has violated its tax-exempt status. ... 

Read more of this developing story at Truthout!

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