Saturday, June 09, 2012

Take a Wisconsin Break this weekend with Radio Free Kansas

Time to find those ear buds crammed into the car seat, put on the headsets for your smart phone, or set the reminder on your computer for a couple live shows this weekend that will both amuse and inform where ever one might be.  Set your sundials now that Venus is out of the way it's time for a Wisconsin Break today listen in to:

Today beginning at High Noon (Central, USA) listen in while I use the phone to track down the smart journalists I admire and respect listed below: 

Robert Parry at work, today he's driving. We'll find him!
Robert Parry of Consortium News who is traveling along the east coast somewhere this weekend.  Parry worked for various news organizations including the Associated Press and broke many of the stories about the Iran-Contra scandals.  His latest "Lessons from Gov. Walker's Win" unpacks how the progressive opposition lost in Wisconsin. Also don't miss a sequel to a series on Nixon's act of treason, according to LBJ in 1968.

He and his sons pioneered in 1995 the first "independent investigative" news web site.  It remains one of the most distinguished, and for us in North Jefferson County, Ks., important sites for news analysis and great writers like RFK guest retired Senior Analyst CIA Ray McGovern, theologian Rev. Howard Bess, Danny "the News Dissector" Schechter and many others.

Charles M. Young after he left Elmer in Dairyland.
I will also attempt to contact Dave Lindorff and Charles M. Young of the This Can't Be Happening news collective, both in the New York area for the weekend, but in different locations.  This Can't Be Happening started as a blog for Lindorff, a two time Fulbright Scholar and world traveler, who has written for many brick and mortar publications including Business Week. Charles M. Young was contributing editor for music at Rolling Stone magazine and his most recent article, "Elmer in Dairyland" is at the top of the fold at TCBH today!

Author Dave Lindorff signing copies of his classic.
In the last two years TCBH has turned into an award-winning news collective of long time friends and writers with a particularly fierce independent analysis.  TCBH won 11th in the 2011 Project Censored competition for Lindorff's article on depleted uranium. Founding members of the collective are: Dave Lindorff, Charles M. Young, John Grant and Linn Washington, Jr.

This is an informal conversation beginning with the events in Wisconsin and may go anywhere.

Sunday, 10 June 2012 beginning at 3pm (Central, USA) Dennis Marker writer of the new book "15 Steps to Corporate Feudalism: How the Rich Convinced America's Middle Class to Eliminate Themselves" One Standard Press, 212 pp. web site:

"Marker's brilliant account of how conservatives convinced the American middle class to destroy themselves leads directly to why the Occupy movement had to happen."  - Adam Klugman, Host "Mad As Hell in America"

"I highly recommend Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism for use in the classroom, study groups and book clubs.  The text is well organized and leaves it's insights open for political imagination, discussion, and subsequent action."  - Elliot Skinner, faculty, St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM.

Callers are welcome with pertinent questions
or to listen in while the show is on air at: 646 716 8652

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