Monday, June 11, 2012

"Canadian oil pipeline burst reveals potential threat here" @ Common Ground Magazine

Hat tip to Tom Klammer, "Tell Somebody" radio at KKFI-FM, Kansas City, Mo. for the link.

Today's bust pipeline in Alberta, this photo was taken down so fast!! [Read why below] it shows the pipeline being pushed to the side by the force of the oil. The company didn't even know about it. This is what we are expecting in BC, over 500,000 liters+++ with only a 5% recovery rate. What is that going to do to the watersheds?

The photo comes from a 2001 Alaska pipe rupture, as the Poynter organization proves, this doesn't detract from the spectacle of horror created by the pressure from the leak or the fact that so many leaks are getting photographed. 

Read more, view other photographs at: Common Ground on Facebook.

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