Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday High Noon, Programming Schedule

News from the Chicago protests and about the coming crackdown on the working poor and middle class as the Neo-conservatives launch their "revolution in a cornfield" in Kansas will intersperse today's visit with Mr. Grant.
Featured guest:

I am very proud to have on this Memorial Day weekend John Grant of the This Can't Be Happening news collective.  John is a Viet Nam war vet, a 35 year member of the nationwide group, Veterans for Peace, and has traveled to witness the U. S. military industrial complex at work in El Salvador during the bloody 80s and twice to Iraq once as an observer and again as cameraman for a documentary.

John has been teaching creative writing to prisoners in Philadelphia area prisons for the last 11 years.

This is a far ranging conversation from the body dumps of the death squads in Central America to the young writers in prison .... listen in.

To read John Grant's writings go to his section at TCBH, click here.

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