Friday, May 18, 2012

In A Pig's Eye: "State of the Corporate News Media in Kansas" by Michael Caddell

When news is reported in Kansas of Koch Industries it is usually some mindless report churned out by the company public relations representatives, designed to either deny responsibility, or claim that the company (and their many subsidiaries) aren't involved.  

Invariably, researchers find these press releases have been vetted by Koch lawyers, an army of anti-tax counselors, libel experts and web domain moguls who challenge those who publish against their masters.

National news media for the most part chooses to ignore or under-report the investigative journalists that uncover the Koch's influences in government policy-making among elected officials. 

Now most of you know this as progressives, but like the recent stories coming out of the Center for Media and Democracy another group has started publishing major reports that will eventually resonate among the mainstream media.

This recent article coming out from Inside Climate News is a barn burner for the Kochs.

The Kochs using paid hacks to catch flack have lied about this too.  Their hacks told Kansas "news" media that they have nothing to do with the Keystone XL pipeline. A company lawyer vetted that wording, but that doesn't make it fact. In the final analysis, it is a lie.

Lies that emanate out of Wichita, Ks. read from corporate press releases by those in the local news media; the parrots, prostitutes and prize fighters for the 1% elite in Kansas  society.

You've read the Koch's lies in local newspaper reporters, and listened to them repeated on "farm news" radio programs, or watched them flashing on televised commercial "news" shows all across Kansas.

The Koch's influence in the Kansas statehouse is absolute, unchallenged and totalitarian.  Kansas corporate "news" media is afraid to do lengthy investigations into this family, or those who fraternize with them in secret.

Check out this lengthy but important detailed analysis of just what companies the Koch's use in the construction of the tar sand pipeline coming through our part of the country.

WARNING: The report might give one a headache, but it is worth studying and passing along at:

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