Friday, May 04, 2012

Light Up Their Phones, this weekend!

Dear Kansans:
Read this, call your representative, and tell someone else to do the same.
We are writing to you now with an urgent request to contact your House representative before they end the session in May and go home until January 2013. Important decisions about schools and taxes are being made in the coming week. Politicians need to hear from you, your neighbors, and your family THIS WEEKEND--while they are at the evening, after church, or anytime in the next 72 hours! 
Tell your representative you do not want school classroom size to increase and you are sick and tired of higher property taxes and continued talk of tax cuts for the wealthy. Tell it straight to your representative. You want your money to go to schools--right back into your community. You want to protect the jobs that are ALREADY in your hometown, and not give a tax break to some corporation that MIGHT come to Kansas someday. 
You can find your House Representative's home phone number here:
Remember: call your representative, 
and tell someone else to do the same.

Thank you for calling,
Crystal McComas & Tamara Werth
Kansans United in Voice and Spirit

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