Monday, April 09, 2012

Kari Ann Rinker: Cuts to Title X? The Women of Miami County, Kansas Already Know What That Means @ RH Reality Check


Updated with final decision by county - click RH Reality Check!
" ... According to sources, the county will, in all probability, lose the entire $32,000 grant because the guidelines do not allow for cherry picking.  Miami County Health Department volunteer Kelly Fritz stated the following to the Miami County Republic:
Fritz said Miami County’s program serves 151 women, 116 of whom do not have insurance. She also said that statistics show that 85 percent of women who are regularly sexually active will become pregnant within one year without family planning services, and she estimated that 98 of the 116 women without insurance would become pregnant if the services were no longer provided.
The community is organizing against the measure and held a rally over the weekend.  Again from the Miami County Republic:
Nearly 100 individuals from across Miami County marched through the heart of Paola on Saturday morning in protest of the Miami County Commission's recent decision to eliminate contraception from a grant funding request.
One person held a sign that read ”Miami County, where women’s health care is controlled by farmers.”  The sign was commentary about Miami County Commissioner Pretz, who received $85,000 in farm subsidies… you know…”government money.”  Mr. Pretz cast a vote declining the Title X funds stating that he doesn’t believe taxpayers should be paying for contraceptives to be given out at the health department. ..."

Read more of this fast changing grass roots movement as it develops at RH Reality Check!

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