Monday, April 09, 2012

Joseph A. Airstup: Session on the Brink of Failure @ Wichita Eagle

Governor Sam's alum Kansas State University political scientist writes softly.  Radio Free Kansas guest KNEA Mark Desetti more accurately described the legislature as having a "meltdown" just before the Spring break.  They come back to close April 25 ... thousands must mobilize for April 28th march against the 'War on Women'.

The clumsiness continued this spring. Brownback’s State of the State speech included inaccurate budget information, and embedded in his tax-cut proposal was the obvious nonstarter of eliminating the home mortgage interest deduction.

The governor also decided to host a series of legislative dinners for GOP lawmakers that, at the very least, skirted the edge of violating the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

Sprinkled between these events have been a variety of issues with various administration appointees to state agencies (information technology, the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services and the Juvenile Justice Authority), all of which have only served to irritate legislators or to bring more negative headlines.

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