Friday, April 20, 2012

"Call'em Out!" Citizen Campaign Break-Out on KS. ALEC Clowns in Wichita @ Radio Free Kansas!

Gov. Sam Brownback
Did you hear Gov. Sam Brownback was down in Wichita speaking to the "business community" this week and practicing medicine without a Kansas license, again? He and many fellow ALEC lawmakers are very busy with their self-styled "revolution in the cornfields."

Whether it's cutting taxes on the wealthy (while lowering the boom on those at the  bottom), creating illegal laws against women's reproductive rights, hounding doctors who provide that health care, or creating prayer rooms in the statehouse. 

These guys, mostly male, white, middle aged fundamentalist "Christians" aren't making a "revolution." 

They're more like bawling spoiled trust fund brats pissed about having to share their toys with the street urchins down the block.  

Listen in tonight (10 - Midnight, CDT) and Saturday High Noon on Radio Free Kansas.

Portion of Press Release, 20 April 2012

Concerned Citizens to Call For Kansas Legislators to Drop ALEC 

South Central Kansas Legislative Forum  
Eugene Hughes Metroplex 
Location: 5015 E. 29th St. N. (29th & Oliver)
Date: Saturday, April 21st
Time: 8:00am – 11:00am
Press Contact: Louis Goseland – 316-204-4315

Tomorrow Citizens go toe-to-toe with legislators to demand a Kansas withdrawal from ALEC

Wichita, KS The recent controversy around the killing of Trayvon Martin has unearthed the shadowy organization behind the Stand Your Ground law that was used to justify his murder. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has become the focus of public outcry against not only Stand Your Ground laws, but also voter suppression. ALEC is the main proponent of these and a long list of other policies and has been the driving force behind the state-by-state campaign for their enactment.  

ALEC arranges private meetings with 2,000 state legislators and 300 of the largest corporations in the country. At ALEC conferences state level legislators and policy makers team up with corporations to draft model legislation. State legislators then vote as equals with corporate representatives to determine what laws will be introduced and enacted in state legislatures nationwide. This has lead to a national profit over people policy agenda.

There are currently over 40 members of the Kansas legislature who maintain ALEC affiliations. This has resulted in the introduction of harsh anti-immigrant measures, a tax plan that that places an increased burden on working Kansans while cutting away at education and the social safety net, and the enactment of voter ID and Stand Your Ground in Kansas.


Listen to Melissa Carlson on the results of her 6 week research binge into ALEC in Northeast Kansas, Saturday High Noon on

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