Monday, March 26, 2012

Phillip Brownlee: Kansas Tax Plan Sausage & the "Sarcasm Bomb" FB Campaign Spreads @ The Wichita Eagle

[Excerpt ...  In the end, the House bill could reduce state revenues nearly $2.2 billion over five years.
The Senate seemed more methodical – that is, until last week.

When a tax bill similar to Brownback’s came to the floor, senators stripped out many key provisions. The bill failed to pass, but after a lot of arm twisting by Brownback and his staff, the Senate reconsidered and approved the gutted bill.

The Senate plan would reduce tax revenue by $3.7 billion over five years. The senators also approved a bill to provide $180 million over the next four years to cities and counties for property-tax relief.
Now the tax plans go to a conference committee, which will try to reconcile them. It’s unclear whether that will result in a plan that a majority of lawmakers would support or that the state could afford....

Read more of the state's "Tax Plan Sausage" at the Wichita Eagle. 

Read of the on-going two week controversy about Gov. Sam Brownback's Facebook page and the "sarcasm" campaign against him practicing medicine in Kansas without a license. It's spreading to other state governors and legislats covered by Steve Kraske at the Kansas City Star and at the Wichita Eagle.

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