Monday, March 26, 2012

Dave Lindorff: Finally Getting it Right? Here’s Hoping the Supreme Court Tosses Out ‘Obamacare’ @ This Can't Be Happening!

[Excerpt] ...  By killing this monstrosity of political expedience and lobbyist strong-arming, the Supreme Court’s conservative wing could give us a good chance to finally move the country to a real national health reform which would reduce costs substantially, provide quality health care to all, and finally drive a stake through the heart of the health insurance industry, the real “vampire squid” of American capitalism which has been sucking money out of American’s wallets and driving many into bankruptcy for decades (family health crises are the major single cause of bankruptcies and homes foreclosures in the country).

How can it be a good thing to kill a program that at least eliminates things like the denial of insurance coverage because of “pre-existing conditions,” or the throwing people off of coverage when they get seriously sick? ... Read more at This Can't Be Happening! He crunches the numbers, compares other countries' health care costs and delivers a "Medicare For All" solution.

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