Monday, March 26, 2012

Bikini Statistics & the Kansas Policy Institute's Ads

Largely rumored to be a Koch funded operation for years, the Kansas Policy Institute has been placing adverts in television, radio and editorials in newspapers.  Above, a short video produced by a Kansas teacher, which dissects the statistics used to damage the integrity of public education and the teachers who work for them.  The "Stop the Madness in Kansas" petition campaign has only a few more days, consider signing it. Click here to do so.


RGW said...

This video contains many mistakes. Please see the following for an explanation:

Kansas school establishment defenders: the video

Dave Trabert said...

The teacher who created this video made quite a few factual errors and misrepresented the ads. The purpose of the ads was to inform parents that a student does not have to have full comprehension of grade-appropriate material to be considered proficient. No one - not KSDE, KNEA or KASB - has denied that fact.

See for an analysis of the factual errors in the video.