Monday, March 26, 2012

Andy Marso: Anti-abortion bills' threat to KUMC debated @ Topeka Capital Journal

"Ask Dr. Brownback," the Kansas governor rams his religion through the statehouse. At least he scrubs his Facebook page.
Terror Against Kansas Doctors Works,
Conservative Echo Chamber Slants Facts
Too few doctors to women are speaking out, too many "pro-life" terrorists, lobbyists and lawmakers are telling us how to live.  

Capital Journal reporter Andy Marso offers a letter from the national regulatory agency that accredits the training of Ob/Gyn physicians at Kansas University Medical Center. Then Marso travels to the Republican echo chamber and quotes lawmakers' fallacious claims that Kansans don't want resident physicians paid to be trained in performing safe abortions. Marso then uses an anti-abortion lobbyist's blog to cite the number of physicians in Kansas who performs abortions.  Unbelievable!  

Read it at the Topeka Capital Journal.

Then go to the Lawrence Journal World where Scott Rothschild at least quotes the loyal opposition in the state assembly.

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