Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Press Release(s): Grocery Store Spree Robber Pleads Guilty, $4.1 Billion Medical Fraud Prevented @ Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Excerpt] " ... Turner brandished a .410 shotgun while helping co-defendant Jeremiah Kraushaar, 32, of Bethany, rob the Cosentino’s Apple Market, 7506 Raytown Rd., Raytown, on Oct. 3, 2010. Turner and Kraushaar were both armed when they entered the Cosentino’s Apple Market and forced a store employee to open the store’s safe. Kraushaar took the store’s money from the safe while Turner, armed with a .410 shotgun, stood guard over the employee. ... "  Read more at "FBI: Grocery Robbery Spree."
"Record $4.1 Billion Recovered Through Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement"

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