Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Press Release: KS House Bill 2260 Clears Committee, Gay Bashing Rampant @ Kansas Equality Coalition

[Excerpt] " ... At a legislative forum in Hutchinson on Saturday, Pauls launched a vicious attack on Kansas’ LGBT community. Saying local laws shouldn’t protect “gays and crossdressers,” she declared her support for HB2260, the pending bill that will nullify all local laws banning discrimination against LGBT Kansans.

Check out her rambling, anti-LGBT remarks here: http://youtu.be/njB0QFSbaXg

This isn’t the first time Jan Pauls has attacked the LGBT community. In her 20 years as a state representative, Pauls has targeted our community with a series of bigoted legislative attacks:

--- In 1996, she drafted and backed the Kansas “Defense of Marriage Act,” which banned recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states;

--- In 2005, she drafted and backed the constitutional amendment permanently banning marriage equality in the state of Kansas;

--- Last year, she blocked the repeal of the unconstitutional law criminalizing gay and lesbian relationships;

--- In every legislative session since 2007, Jan Pauls has opposed our efforts to add LGBT discrimination protections to Kansas law. She testifies against us in every hearing, and has often referred to LGBT Kansans in very insulting and demeaning terms.

--- Year after year, she has allied herself with the most anti-LGBT extremists in the Kansas legislature, and has used that alliance to make sure we are denied the same rights everyone else enjoys.

It’s time for Jan Pauls to be held accountable for her out-of-touch views. It’s time for Jan Pauls to be removed from any position of authority, and voted out of office. ... " Read more at Kansas Equality Coalition.

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