Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Mother Jones Election Broadside! DC Bureau Strikes Back!

Andy Kroll writes and updates readers of the "John Doe" investigation involving voter fraud and illegal fundraising.  An FBI raid on one former member of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's staff and subpoenas  of others have created a link heavy quality investigative piece. Go to "Scott Walker and the Secret 'John Doe' Investigation" to read it.

David Corn "the DC Decoder" writes an excellent explanation of "The Real Reason Mitt Romney Is Accepting Donald Trump's Endorsement" and the battle for Tea Party loyalty with Newton Leroy Gingrich. 
[Excerpt] " ... The Romney camp had to worry that a Trump endorsement of Gingrich would hurt the front-runner's efforts to keep Gingrich from mounting a full-scale tea party rebellion against Romney. In the closing hours of the Florida primary, Gingrich was claiming to be the embodiment of the tea party wing of the GOP and trying to set up a civil war between the true-believers and the GOP establishment. ..."  Read more of Corn's latest and consider signing up to the DC MoJo Bureau free newsletter.

And last but not least consider participating in the "Newt or Schrute Quiz" to determine your knowledge of the differences between the two!

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