Sunday, January 22, 2012

Robert Parry: Getting Rid of ‘Anti-Israel’ Presidents @ Consortium News

Many Kansans were insulted and outraged by the imprecation prayer Kansas statehouse Speaker Mike O'Neal endorsed in forwarding an email on Kansas government servers to his followers, which indirectly called for not only the murder of President Obama (and calling his wife Michelle "Mrs. Yomama") but for his children to be "fatherless."

Over 30,000 people signed an online petition with 4,000 Kansans demanding an apology from Speaker O'Neal and his resignation.  Here's some of the press coverage from the Lawrence Journal World and then here's some of the press coverage on a Google word search proving that just a few can lead big battles.

Speak O'Neal has refused to resign, of course.

But he is in company with others who want to have President Barack Obama assassinated according to Robert Parry at Consortium News.

Exclusive: Some staunch supporters of Israel believe that its interests are so compelling that they trump American self-governance, with one extremist suggesting the murder of President Obama. Others, however, appear to have joined in an earlier subversion of U.S. democracy, Robert Parry reports.

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