Sunday, January 29, 2012

David R. Baker,Vivian Ho & Staff Writers: Oakland Police Battle Occupy Protesters @ San Francisco Chronicle

Image Courtesy: OpManning.tumblr

... Skirmishes between police in riot gear and demonstrators throwing paint cans and bottles erupted after a peaceful march that brought more than a thousand of the young movement's supporters to downtown Oakland. The situation remained fluid well after dark, with police and demonstrators facing off on the downtown's otherwise empty streets.

By early evening, arrests were continuing and three officers had suffered minor injuries. One woman was shot in the back at point-blank range with a beanbag gun and was hurried away by fellow demonstrators, her condition unknown. Oakland police called for reinforcements from nearby law enforcement agencies, with San Francisco's police department sending an undisclosed number of officers.

The violence brought a chaotic end to an afternoon that had started on an upbeat, even festive mood among supporters of Occupy, the nationwide movement that has refocused public attention on economic inequality....

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