Thursday, December 01, 2011

Justin Kendall: "The state of Kansas is still chasing one of the last links to Dr. George Tiller" @ The K.C. Pitch

(photo credits: The KC Pitch, Angela C. Bond & Anonymous)

"Pro Life" Damage Control Comments:
"Deserves worse than Tiller got"
"What a monster!"

Click the picture, it will enlarge, read our signs carefully, look at our printing press.

We are proud and will continue to resist, and have so for decades from our home, Kansas.

It's time to grow-up fellow Kansans, no more whoring the "Christian" religion for votes, no more bullying the weak from the pulpits. No more telling us that if only the rich weren't taxed, then the world, our Kansas would suddenly be better.

It is time to throw all that worthless rhetoric from the bullies and bosses aside.

It is time to fight back, because the elite in Kansas are better at our expense.

At your children's expense.

We must make a harsh, long and determined political fight against these very real monsters leading our state into the swamps of bully slavery.

Many of our neighbors are sick low-wage conservatives, mouths of explosive diarrhea spouting simple phrases learned from millionaires like; Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage the echo chambers of racism, bigotry, homophobia and hatred of the poor.

Gov. Brownback and most of the "conservatives" in the Kansas state legislature have used your vote to abuse people in Kansas. Our state teeters on the edge of being a refuge for Know Nothing stupidity, a national laughing stock and a foolish sock puppet for wealthy billionaires like the Koch family.

We ask you to read with attention and scrutiny Justin Kendall's article in the K. C. Pitch because this article, for the first time in the history of Kansas news media, details the exact method dirty cops working for Phill Kline forced private medical records from the hands of Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus. They could be, maybe are, the records of your wife, sister, cousin, aunt or grandmother, I shit you not.

Many of the hostile, violent reactions written as comments in this article about Dr. Neuhaus are the direct result of a complacent, advertisement driven news media that never challenges the powers running our economy, our churches, banks and cops. This oppression will be endless until all of us, resist and protest.

It is the news media that must rise to this challenge and report on the dissent.

The voices in the wilderness.

The voices of the wilderness.

How and when our Kansas news media does so, is the Shakespearian "rub" crying out today.

I leave this to you, the Dear Reader, to be the judge.

Mike Caddell

Please read Justin Kendall's article, about us, at the Kansas City Pitch.

Finally somebody told you about the corruptions of Kansas.

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