Friday, December 02, 2011

Janice Bradley: "Poverty town hall censored opposing views" @ The Wichita Eagle Ed/Op Page


Suppressed from sharing our written expression, Occupy Wichita protesters waited until Rector had finished. We spoke in unison about real solutions to poverty while the staff called a short break. Many attendees stayed through the break to listen and applauded in support when we finished.

We were leaving when the police started bullying. Occupy Wichita women members suffered bullying abuse by the police as they were leaving the hall, and one required a visit to the emergency room for her injuries. Two women were arrested; one was charged.

This is all about denying the freedom of speech of the little people in the 99 percent against the 1 percent, which the governor and the SRS secretary represent.

Read more at The Wichita Eagle.

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