Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Virtual Renderings: "Red Pill Tales: False Debt" @ The A-Info Radio Project

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What the Banksters Fear, Resides Between Our Ears!

Just when we thought he had died, or was forced into deeper obscurity our favorite audio co-conspirator "Virtual Renderings" has just released another masterpiece from his monster killing mixing board! Our much battered Kansas Blue Barn crew find inspiration and education from each and every contribution and play the VR series when the need comes to us to reach out to listeners.

From the program "False Debt" summary:

"With this false notion our equally false religions, entire economic systems and our very destructive military industrial complex sucks the life out of the people and the environment. We need to get rid of more than just our 2 party system and Wall Street. It starts within our own minds."
Our listeners send back rave reviews about his complete body of work and we just can't keep it secret. Meet the "Man Behind the Curtain" sourced from the vital A-Info Radio Project and played on Radio Free Kansas with heart felt appreciation!

Available as a free download in hi-fi stereo, perfect for passing around from CD to neighbor or as ear bud brain candy to share at work. Get it now, remember RFK broadcasts in feeble 32 bit monotone ... get this stuff in stereo and share.

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