Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday High Noon, Radio Free Kansas, 19/ Nov./ 2011 "Occupation News With TCBH!"

Call-in live show featuring at the top of the second hour, Dave Lindorff of the This Can't Be Happening news collective (2011 Project Censored one of the top 25 stories).

The first hour will include short audio news clips and commentary from the following sources:

Unedited live audio compiled by Ken Nash of New York's WBAI-FM radio program Building Bridges Radio show. Nash was out on the street Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011 the morning after Mayor Bloomberg ordered the OWS Zucotti Park camp cleared this week.

Then reports from The Real News Network which features news coverage from around the country and how the NYPD helped OWS during following Thursday, Nov. 17 "Day of Action" in shutting down the NY Stock Exchange.

More Occupation news coverage follows from Russia Today, one of the few international television networks to regularly cover dissident news and sources in the U.S.

Listen, or call in, as Dave Lindorff of the TCBH! collective discusses his latest findings investigating the possible origins of the nationwide crackdown of the Occupy encampments in cities across the country.

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