Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Pepper Spraying Cop Meme" @ Tumblr Photo Bin

An example of the growing photo shop montage of the infamous image of Lt. John Pike, University of California, Davis. Courtesy "Pepper Spraying Cop" site.

CBS Early Morning Show shared reports today that the site has received over 4 million hits, and expressed sadness that this particular kind of humor was popular in America.

Edited Peoples' Intelligence Brief below provided by "Uncle Frank" a progressive Kansas Tumbleweed:

Lieutenant John Pike, Records Unit Manager, 45-year-old skinhead, Phone: 530-752-3989 Cell: 530-979-0184 (probably turned off by now) japikeiii@ucdavis.edu (account closed after his spraying) 4005 Cowell Blvd, Apt 616. Davis, CA 95618-6017

He was suspended with pay as was his crime partner. The campus police called in the PD from the town of Davis to assist in assaulting the protesters. The campus police chief claimed Pike and his courageous buddy had to spray the protesters because they were "encircled." If you've watched the video, the crowd was maybe 50' back when they started spraying the isolated dozen or so sitting and peaceful students. "Encircled" might be the newest addition to the language of "Newspeak."
The real question is who is "encircling" who?
Check it out at: http://peppersprayingcop.tumblr.com/

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