Friday, November 11, 2011

Charlie Butts: "Occupy Oakland goes awry" @ OneNewsNow

No, this blurb is not about the gang-related shootout on the perimeter of the Oakland encampment, last night, leaving one dead. This right-wing news filter describes the short demonstration by Oakland activists against former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline speaking there at the November 5th fundraiser for the Life Legal Defense Foundation.

Meanwhile the same guy mangles and twists the facts at the blatantly partisan "Renew America" about the recent dismissal of felony charges against the local Planned Parenthood.

Long repetitive and outraged, Kline turns the Morrison sex scandal upside down. Could it be because "Wonder Woman" was his operative all along?

Read it, by all means, but beware of those pesky trackers ... consider trolling with a mask on at these sites.

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