Sunday, November 27, 2011

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A Peoples Short History of Brownbackistan

Brownback has enacted a plan to cut school funding back to 1992 levels.

Brownback refused federal funding for health care but asked for federal funding to promote marriage.
Brownback is addressing poverty by encouraging marriage.

Brownback fired many state agency heads and replaced them with religious nuts from Florida who are enacting faith based initiatives to address social issues.

Brownback has reduced funding for mental health care.

Brownback has closed SRS offices across the state.
Brownback has announced plans to close the only state facility that cares for severely disabled people who require hospitalization 24/7.

Brownback hired an unexperienced and untrained man to be the state IT director.

Brownback infringed on the free speech rights of a high school senior who sent out a tweet criticizing him. Brownback and his staff "reported" of the tweet to her teacher and administrator. A one hour scolding ensued that encouraged her to apologize. She at first agreed, now is re-considering, according to a Nov. 27, 2011 Associated Press dispatch.

Brownback, as early as 2007 during his failed campaign for president, declared same sex marriage as the primary cause of soaring out-of-wedlock births in Europe and the U.S., according to WaPo Fact Checker Glenn Kessler.

Once elected governor, he has consistently sought secret advice, at taxpayers expense, from those who oppose divorce; consider women in poverty better by marrying out of it and think polygamy preferable to same sex unions.

In a July 2, 2011 article in the Topeka Capital Journal by Tim Carpenter "Marriage Savers" Mike McManus who advised Gov. Brownback and his head of SRS:

McManus said state government should get more involved in marriage initiatives because the void created by others was large.

"Most churches don't do much preparation," said the operator of Marriage Savers. "What's Rotary Club doing for marriages? What are schools doing?"

Clergy members in each Kansas county should sign and enforce a "community marriage policy" to prohibit church weddings unless the couple completed a 200-item, premarital inventory and met several times with a mentor couple trained by the church, McManus said.

In his follow-up letter to Brownback obtained by The Topeka Capital-Journal, McManus said Kansas should prohibit no-fault divorce unless there was proof of physical abuse or adultery. A Kansas law ought to be passed, he said, allowing judges to select a "responsible spouse," which would always be the person opposed to divorce. The statute would allow the responsible adult to receive up to 66 percent of child visitation and 100 percent of family assets in the divorce.

In short, Brownback's crimes against the history of Free State Kansas are so numerous that volumes will be writ large about his infamous reign, perhaps best encapsulated in the Urban Dictionary as "Brownbackistan."

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