Monday, October 03, 2011

Yasmeen Ali: "Why is U.S. targeting Pakistan?" @ Pakpotpourii 2, Lahore, Pakistan

USA has often indulged in a diatribe against her trusted ally Pakistan, in the war of terror. Repeatedly, USA has accused Pakistan of playing a double game, maneuvering, going behind USA’s back to serve her interests, ecetra ecetra ecetra. The recent has been the most hard hitting of all, Mullen accusing Haqqani of being a veritable arm of ISI and being responsible for not only the attack on US Embassy on Kabul but also the murder of Rabbani. USA conveniently tends to forget, on some tangents, interests of Pakistan & USA may diverge in the interest of national security. USA has expected Pakistan to risk her national security at the expense of USA’s. Pakistan has done this repeatedly. ...
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